How To Get Unique Blog Contents For Free

Paying writers to write blog contents for you while starting out either a blog or affiliate product review website can be demoralizing. And as some people will say daily information and unique blog contents it the gateway to googles first page and serps. Well its true and because of this, many aspiring bloggers who are low on budgets tend to quit there dreams because of how much it would cost to pay for unique contents.
But what if I told you, you could get unique and wonderful contents for your blogs, You can use this method for writing an article for medium, Reddit, Social Media, PBN, landing pages, even give an answer for Quora Questions or anything you can Imagine?
Well you will be amazed at it and probably will share this content to your friends.

Today I will  share with you how I generate Unlimited Unique & Readable Content for my PPC Landing Pages or anytime I need Unique Article for my online marketing .

We are not just Generating Unique Article – It will also be Readable and in some cases so ready. And The best part is you can do it unlimitedly – when you need it.

So let’s jump right on it:

In this tutorial, we will generate  article targeting/relating to ” How to Lose Weight”


Go to Google Translate or you download the app from your app store or play store. It can also be installed as an extension

On the first box write your keyword! Mine will be referring to “How to Lose Weight” and then  translate it with any language of your choice. ex: Spanish,French,Chinese,Igbo, Italian, Croatian, etc.


Search on Googles engine with your generated language you can also try a different engine like ask, bing, yandex etc.


Now “Right Click on your mouse” and select “Translate to English” if you are using mobile phone you need to do it automatically. Hold and click on select all. Copy it and paste on your google translate app to change to English. (#note its easier with a computer)

Google search article spinner


click and visit  any website you find attractive and review it a little.

Language website article generator


Right Click on your mouse again & click “Translate To English”
Again, if you are using mobile phone you need to do it automatically. Hold and click on select all. Copy it and paste on your google translate app to change to English

English article spinner


Now Copy the entire article and paste to your usual notepad, world file or email draft box


Head over to the website  QuilBot to Rewrite the Article ( This is an awesome AI tool with high Accuracy )

With the Free version, you can Rewrite 400 Characters at a time. 1st put your first 400 Characters and hit the “Quil It”button  ( If you don’t find the results suitable you can Requill it again )
Then you quil the next 400 and so on. This way you can rewrite your full article and its free.

Quillbot article spinner


When you are done Rewriting your full article, Now i advice you go to a PLAGIARISM CHECKER to check content uniqueness

Copy your full article & paste it to this  plagiarism checker box & click ” Check Plagiarism” if you don’t know what plagiarism checker is its actually a tool that checks if a similar content already exists on the net. plagiarism checker

After Checking the result we got 100% Unique Article. ( YAY!! ) 🤗 score


Now Copy your Unique Article & Head over to the Hemingway App !! ( It will check content Readability ) to show you how readable your content is.

Paste the article on Hemingway App’s box & it will give you a score about your article.

Hemingway app check

In this situation, we got Grade 7 & it looks good. 

If you are not happy with the grade you got you just have to edit the article with their suggestions & can improve your Grade.


Check your Article with Grammarly, It will correct any Grammatical error if you have any. Also you can install Grammarly Browser Extension, 
It will automatically correct your Grammars when you write something

Grammarly Chrome Browser Extension


Grammarly Firefox Browser Extension:


Blog content


If you want to post any review content/comment or anything else. just use SUMMRY.


It will summarise full article or sales page for you!!

That’s all for Today!! Hope it Helps !! Have a Great day Guys!! Don’t forget to drop your comments below

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